Speech 11

Apr. 10th, 2011 09:14 pm
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[Action - 308 Miller Street]

[Well my good Death's, I hope you enjoy excited fourteen year-old boys, because you have one presently.  Upon heading outside today, Arslan has discovered that he was sent a package.  Not ever having been affected negatively by Mayfield's packages, he figures it has to be something from his own world, just like all the packages before.  He judges by the length of the box that it is most likely his sword, since he can think of nothing else that might be that length, except maybe a standard of some form.]

[After a careful moment to get the box open, he finds he is indeed quite correct, and draws the blade out of it's scabbard to look at it carefully.  Content that the blade is in good shape, he tosses the box away and will proceed excitedly into the house.  He's probably going to show the sword to Azrael, but the household is free to stop him and comment on it.]

[Action - John Doe Park]

A.  Arslan's busy practicing against the air with his sword.  Although it is obvious he knows how to hold the blade, and use it, anyone who's spent a lot of time training will also realize he isn't the strongest with it, and that he's obviously been away from practicing with the larger weapon for quite some time, as he seems to be trying to regain his feel for it.  He stops on occasion, adjusting his grip before starting the practice swings again.  Feel free to catch him at these times, or make a comment in general.

B.  Done practicing for the time being, Arslan has found a tree to sit under and has his head leaned back against it, the sword resting across his lap.  One hand remains on it, but it seems he's relaxing as compared to preparing to take up the blade again.
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