Speech 7

Jan. 10th, 2011 03:38 am
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[You'll be awoken, if you're not already up in time for the kids to go to school, by a delighted cry and the sound of an eagle coming from the living room.  Investigation will find Arslan with a Golden Eagle on his shoulder, rubbing his head into the bird's feathers and the bird doing the same, and looking quite pleased at the gift Mayfield gave him back.  However, he's forgotten to shut the window that Azrael, the bird, was at, and if one looks outside they'll see a box that's been pecked through sitting near the mailbox.  There's another opened box under the tree containing a golden helmet, but that seems to have been ignored.  Care to bother him about looking like an idiot with the bird?]

[So Arslan's gotten his regains, and he's very delighted.  One will be left at home, having no viable use here in Mayfield, but the other you will end up seeing.  So throughout the day, feel free to catch Arslan, or his regain itself, up to something.]

A.  Arslan himself will seem very excited at school, and looks anxious to return home.

B.  Sitting on the mailbox of 308 Miller is a giant Golden Eagle (Azrael), waiting for it's master to come home.  He'll occasionally spread his wings out, before drawing them back in, all the while watching anyone and everyone who crosses his path quite intently.  If it looks like you might be up to something, he'll watch you even closer.  If you approach the house, he may have just turned around to watch you even more...  He has a staring problem.

C.  Down at the park, Arslan is chasing after Azrael, who is flying about and seeming to enjoy the game.  After a time, both will stop and Arslan will hold an arm out for the bird to carefully perch itself upon, before finding a place to sit down.  Dare to approach?

[ooc:  Arslan has regained his pet eagle, Azrael.  Because Azrael is a very intelligent bird, and does act on his own, I've obtained permission from the mods to create a secondary account for him.  This account is [livejournal.com profile] eagleazrael  so any responses from the Azrael for B or C will be coming from that account.  Also, as mentioned, Azrael is quite intelligent, so if your character begins picking on him, he will fly away or attack.  Because of this, if your character does intend to pick on him, please let me know in the topic if it's okay he scratches or pecks at you, otherwise I'll merely have him fly off.]
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