Jan. 1st, 2020

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan seems to take it's history very loosely, but parallels can be drawn to real places, and sometimes even people, given enough research.  I've begun to work on this research, and it is open to any characters who might know about Ancient History.

At the moment, I am assuming Arslan's story is based in the AD due to the fact the year changes from 320 to 321.  As much of his story also seems to be somewhat mythical, I leave it to the call of players whether they will know him or not.  I should also note, as his story is based in Persia, and the areas near it, I will be using Middle Eastern mythology and other such things for him.

If you think he might know who you are, please let me know that it is okay, and the name I should search under for information.  Thanks!


Pars -  The place of which Arslan is a Prince is called Pars.  Pars is actually the name for an area in Persia, referred to sometimes as Fars.  The story implies that the kingdom is very large, but until I can do more research, I only know it is listed as the original homeland of the Persian People.

Lusitania/Rusitania -  Arslan's enemies.  In the case of the story, you can probably associate with with the Roman Lusitania.  It's quite a ways distant from Pars, which is in Iran, but this is merely a note, as conquest could extend across borders.

Shindra - As far as I can tell, this is India.  I am still searching for a corresponding area, or province.

Maruyam - Where Silver Mask took refuge.  I still need to research this, as well, but it seems to be somewhere where a sea-bound voyage becomes necessary.



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