Feb. 19th, 2011

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[Arslan has been rather bored of late in school.  Although it's fascinating, seeing as he's never heard about half of the things being taught, it's becoming dull to just sit in class all day, and at present he still can't do much more than practice with his dagger, or head out with Azrael.  So, he's decided to actually be just a little bad today.  Darun and Narcus would be so completely not proud of their Prince at this moment.]

[But, you ask, what is he doing if he isn't attending school, or at least attending his assigned classes?  Simple, really...]

A.  He's still at school, but instead of staying to his freshman classes, he's carefully attempting not to get caught by drone teachers and poking around the other classes and rooms, seeing what and who is in them.  You a student or a teacher in high school?  Feel free to catch the youth in his misbehaving.

B.  Still during school hours, he's decided to go out to look into the different shops, just because he can.  So feel free to bother him, or to catch Arslan in your place of work/where you're shopping.  Also feel free to catch him watching you if you don't seem like an obvious drone.

C.  Down at the park.  He's being a total child and building a snow fort (thanks, young Captain, for teaching him this), while Azrael is perched on a branch of a nearby tree, watching the boy.  Yes, he feels good having spent an entire day being bad

[ooc:  I've been playing too much Persona.  I forgot American schools don't have classes Saturday, so I'm forward dating this entry to Monday, except the conversation with Adrian, which I'll let play out on a Saturday.  Sorry everyone!  The brain does not always work!  That and, what happened to Friday?  Really, schedule changes throw me.]


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