Feb. 2nd, 2011

Speech 8

Feb. 2nd, 2011 07:09 pm
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[Residents of 308 Miller, and perhaps some of the nearby neighbors, will be hearing a lot of clattering and yelling after school today.  For those inside, several calls of 'Rincewind, come back here!' and 'Azrael, stay there!  No, don't try to grab the cat!' will be heard.]

[Investigating will find Arslan chasing down the scaredy cat of the household, trying to pull him off of, or from under, whatever he's used as his present hiding place.  Upon succeeding in this, he'll be trying to settle Rincewind onto a shelf with a pillow on it.  Nearby sits a makeshift perch, made out of what seems to be part of a dresser, the bar for hanging clothes from the closet, and string and tape.  It sits below the shelf, and Azrael sits on it.  Unfortunately for Arslan, whenever he believes he's succeeded, Rincewind is jumping down and darting away, causing Azrael to take flight after the poor thing, and thus the yelling.]

[You may even find Rincewind in the yard, with Arslan chasing after him; the cat has obviously escaped through the window that was opened to cool the boy down.  Not!family, this will be going on for a while.]

[Later that evening, Arslan's out with Azrael at the park.  The bird is flying around while the boy looks half-dead of exhaustion on the park bench.  He may be rubbing at his knees a bit and groaning, too.  Feel free to pick on bother him.]

[ooc:  Any actions taken by Azrael will be under the account [livejournal.com profile] eagleazrael  and any for Rincewind under [livejournal.com profile] rincewind_kitty .  If you decide to pick up or approach Rincewind, the posting order will be You - Rincewind - Arslan]


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