Dec. 9th, 2010


Dec. 9th, 2010 04:56 pm
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[Arslan had tried to stay inside as much as he could yesterday, what with the temperatures being so much colder than he was used to, and that strange white stuff on the ground.  He listened in curiously on the phone calls from yesterday, and attended school as Bill had said he should to avoid being droned, but he was still confused.  Apparently, said white stuff laying on the ground was called snow?  He'd never seen any before, not in Pars, or Shindra, or anywhere nearby that he had been.]

[So after school, Arslan had decided to see what exactly was up with this snow, and had begun to play with it.  Sifting it through his hands a little, he soon found that if you pressed it tightly, it would pack together.  But he also found it would freeze the hands quite well.  So after a while of playing with it, he found himself a spot to just sit down and blow into his chilled hands to try to warm them, as he looked at the rest of the changes of the town.  He would have to ask Bill, or someone else, what all this was about.]

[If you go by him, he'll probably glance at you briefly, before going back to looking at the lights and trying to warm his hands.  He still can't necessarily tell a drone from regular people.]


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